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The World Anew

I am sure it does not need saying, but I will say it anyway... 2020 was an excruciating year! Not only for small businesses, but for everyone affected by Covid-19.

2021 is starting out about the same on the pandemic front, but be I am keeping the crafting going, trying my hand at some new things such as handmade birdseed shapes and faeire houses - pictures will be forthcoming as I work through the kinks and "oops, forgot that part".

What? You expect Fae to be 100% attentive to what we're doing? HA! Why do you think there are extra parts after putting something together? If we have a hard time staying on task, why should it be any easier for anyone else?

On a serious note I wish everyone a happy 2021 and sincerely hope it proves to be a better year than the last in both realms.


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