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A Journey into Wonder Begins with a Single Step

Hello and welcome!

My name is Linda and I have been creating and crafting since I was very young.  The first craft I remember learning was by my grandmother and the very first piece I made under her help and was a granny square. 

Then I picked up needlepoint & embroidery on my own and ever since have been crafting every chance I get.  It's a way to surround myself with creativity and magic; a way to turn the everyday things into pieces of art.


My style has been described as eclectic and random.  I am a maker of things in many mediums:  from clay pots to yarn and many things in between.  It all depends on the attitude of the maker at that specific time.

All pieces are handmade, one at a time with love and care for the art but also for those who will ultimately enjoy that art in their own lives. 

Let me once again welcome you to Faerie Fire.  Enjoy your stay.

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